American Association for Pyschosocial Rehabilitation
U.S. Branch of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation
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Today there is significant research evidence supporting the effectiveness of psychosocial rehabilitation practices.  The ability to live in a stable housing environment, to maintain employment, to promote one’s own health in collaboration with a health care provider, and to live a satisfying life according to one’s own goals are all feasible outcomes for persons with severely disabling and chronic mental illnesses.  These outcomes are achieved in model psychosocial rehabilitation programs.  Unfortunately, social and clinical practice commonly lags behind health technology, often leaving these basic human needs unmet for persons with chronic or severely disabling mental illnesses. 

As a national chapter of WAPR, AAPR benefits from the combined wealth of experience, knowledge and professional collegiality of our partner WAPR chapters around the world. We participate in international conferences, and share ideas and mutual inspiration to apply psychosocial rehabilitation principles and beliefs to advocate for our shared mission and goals
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